Our Major Projects

  2. Industrial alcohol 100,000 ton/year (400,000 liter/day) from molasses
    Acetic acid 15,000 ton/year + CO2 10,000 ton/year
    All the distillery waste will be burned in the waste burning boilers and the 6 MW power will be generated besides running the production line.
    The biggest distillery in Pakistan and with zero pollution.
    The product will be exported.

  3. SODA ASH PLANT WORTH RS. 1.5 Billion
  4. The project is a big breakthrough in chemical industry. The 3rd in the country
    -Made the project viable by arranging transfer of technology and blending high tech
    -Pakistan should be the world top soda ash exporting country due to raw material advantage.

  5. Hydrogen per oxide project Rs. 1.5 Billion
  6. The project is a breakthrough in Chemical industry
    This is the significant import substitution project

  8. Technically viable and most economical product was managed with the combination of Chinese chaises, body and Cummins (American) Engine etc.
    Innovative matching of components from China and USA.

  9. Power Plant based at low quality coal in Punjab
  10. 8 and 6 Mega watt power plant based at low quality coal of Punjab province is established

  11. Economic Strategy With China
  12. The study is conducted for Ministry of commerce with UNDP funding covering FTA, export s to China, benefiting from Chinese market potential etc.
    Study is presented to policy makers; Dr. Salman shah ( Economic Advisor), Dr. Akram (Vice Chairman planning commission and federal secretaries)


  1. Hydrogen per oxide
  2. Soda Ash 200,000 t/year
  3. Power plant 50 MW based at local coal
  4. Leather tanning and product making
  5. Automobile
  6. Fruit and vegetable processing
  7. Sanitary pad and Diaper
  8. Non woven fabrics and flocking
  9. Mechanized Brick making
  10. Value addition of the Molasses to industrial alcohol
  11. Chromium sulfate
  12. Citric Acid project
  13. Marble mining and processing
  14. CFB Boiler 75 ton/h


  1. Strategy regarding economic relations with China – (UNDP + Ministry of commerce)
  2. Attracting investment from China
  3. Benefiting from Chinese experiences in SME
  4. Economical way of getting latest technology
  5. Economical way of setting up new industry
  6. Gearing up industrialization in the rural areas
  7. Self Reliance in Defense equipment
  8. Exports to China