SME Development Center

“SME Development Center”

“SME Development Center” is established at Sundar Industrial Estate, plot # 6 & 7 in Public–Private Partnership by the SME Business support Fund (Ministry of Finance) and Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd (The Highest Performance Industrial Consultancy in the Country). Activities will cover:

  1. Bridging SME, service providers and investors with OEM/large industry and public sector with the input of quality, time schedule etc. monitoring and transfer of technology.
  2. Facilitating overseas Pakistanis, local and foreign investors in setting up industry and also arranging Joint Venture with foreign firms for exportable to EU/USA and China. Facilitating will cover identifying new proven projects for exportable products, providing all type of professional services under one roof, setting up production line on turnkey basis and linking up with buyers.
  3. Technological up gradation and product diversification of the existing SME sector wise.
  4. Collective marketing for manufacturers /Service providers in local and international market through physical presence at display center and virtual at portal
  5. Data base of human resource required and training courses for new skills.
  6. Developing SME/service providers growth strategy by 100% survey in Lahore and developing model SME’s/BDSP in each category by addressing the bottlenecks.
  7. Awareness and facilitation of SME regarding project financing etc. issues.